Hexeengel Liebeslied (hexeengel) wrote in pale_shadow,
Hexeengel Liebeslied

Alright, my most patient and supportive of readers, I have a question; I want to include some Q&A between B.D. and Scorch as they walk back to the hotel, about common conceptions of Vampires and how Scorch and her kind differ from those. But, where/how is the best way to include that? It seems to me that the scene flows well as it is, and I'm worried about disrupting that. Any hints/tips/tricks/suggestions/ideas?

(Oh, and just because you may be a non-author, don't be afraid to comment on this. Hypothetically, if this gets published, I certian don't expect everyone who picks it up to be an author, so points of view from "pure readers" helps too!)
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