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Yes/No + explanation

Enter only with invite

Yes, similar to Gods being invoked

Garlic, crosses, silver deter

No, do eat, faith does not offend, silver is naturally occurring, as are they

Cannot cross running water

No, travel often


Feral only

Sleep in coffins

No, not “undead”

No reflection/shadow

No, both very faint (“pale shadow”)

Do not eat regular food

No, but only get sustenance from blood

Fangs hide-able


Avoid sunlight/fire

Fire: yes like any living thing, sun: only prefer night to remain hidden

Pale skin


Dark hair

Not necessarily, genes determine just like humans


Yes, natural looks enhanced by Divine ancestry, age very slowly


YES, created through sex after all

All bodily fluid is blood

No, but is more blood than human (reddish tears, seminal fluid, etc.)

Females do not menstruate/Males do not ejaculate

No, can procreate as humans do

Long fingernails

Only if they don’t get clipped


Cannot die of old age/disease, can be killed

Chopping of head/stake through heart will kill

Yes, can be killed by any other conventional means not covered above

Ugly (nosferatu)

No, see above comments for “Beautiful”

Also, my mother asked about the feeding of Vampiric infants; i.e., are they given bottles of blood, are they breastfed, etc.. In this case, if the mother is a Vampire she has the "standard" bottle-or-breast choice, so long as there is a blood donor (preferrably human) available to fill bottles (in some capacity...). If the child though has a human mother, she has little option but to bottle-feed, as her own milk will not sustain the child (but also won't harm it). She can SNS feed if she wishes, so long as she's willing to sustain a few bites (one presumes she would be, since the child's father would be a Vampire).

Mom, I think you had some other questions, but can't remember now. If they haven't been answered already, please remind me?

Also, if anyone can think of other common Vampire traits that I haven't yet addressed, or any questions like the one my mother posed, feel free to comment with them.
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